Ningxia Hengtai Carbons Co.,Ltd


"China-Arab Bridge"is a business platform for global foreign merchant which provde import and export enterprises resources in Ningxia.It is set up by Ningxia Hengtai International Trade Co.,Ltd.We are aimed at offering more publicity channel and the way of business development for local enterprises in the policy "One belt and One Road".The wedsite shows three languages:Chinese,English and Arabic.The main color of the website is green,include two part:exported enterprises and imported goods.Our goal is intergrating and promoting the product resources of excellent Chinese import and export enterprises through the "China-Arab Bridge" ,increasing the sales approach and marketing publicity of the local import and export enterprise, so that we can be known and do business with foreign businessmen.

The export enterprises

Show single corprate commodity window, enter into enterprises commodity repository browsing of other products. Set a brand query module in navigation at the bottom of website. Make the visitors have a detailed understanding to enterprise brand, build quick access of enterprises and commodity, in recommended brand module on the front page.

The import products

Upload import product information which is conform to the qualification,include words & pictures, based mainly products market brand awareness of domestic personal purchase and bulk order.

Comprehensive Bonded Zone information circular

According to the website information from comprehensive bonded zone,update plate information at the first time.In the form of membership email sent to all registered enterprise's email of relevant support policy & Sub-information,and sent member SMS to notify the enterprise as a legal person or the designated contacts.

Chinese Arabic bilingual personal exchange center

Integrate resources of Ningxia 's Bilingual talent,invite teachers to participate in the communication who is with many years foreign trade experience and life experience abroad.Deepen local communication and integrated skills upgrading of bilingual talents, to provide professional translator for export enterprise. Also provide service for bilingual talents in local enterprise, to reduce the problem:brain drain and none talents for local companies.

Business Etiquette Training

In cooperation with the local professional training institutions in Ningxia. Promoting training activities specifically targeted at foreign business etiquette. From the actual type of the training process,quickly understand the matters of needing attention about the communication,business entertainment,conference dinner and other activities should be noted.Avoid unnecessary problems caused by a series of cultural differences.